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glad they're okay. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. greta van susteren to go live "on the record." see you back here tomorrow night. greta, take it away. >> tonight is washington listening to you? really? >> i believe if we see a grassroots tsunami that is going to cause republicans and democrats to listen to the people. >> washington as a whole is dysfunctional. both parties have very serious problems. >> why are we not tackling solutions, finding solutions incrementally on issues whether it's border security, energy policy, immigration. continuing resolutions instead, what we have is a political class. it's americans versus the political class. ♪ ♪ hands in the air like we don't care ♪ ♪ so much fun now >> this is just raunchy. it wasn't sexy. there wasn't any talent.
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all she was doing was gyrating and twerking. ♪ everybody get up if you can't see what i'm trading to say if you can't breathe ♪ >> no matter how you look at this, it was pure unadulterated rot. all kinds of sexuality and sex is being stimulated on stage. >> the trouble. ♪ good girl yes you are ♪ i said you want to get nasty ♪ blurred lines >> raunchy -- this porn is exactly what the miley cyrus routine was. >> new york attorney eric sneiderman slapped the donald with a $40 million lawsuit over trump university. >> targeted and i think it's a big problem. maybe it's a mini irs. maybe we have to get the tea party after these people. this could very well be a mini irs.
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>> all that ahead but first tonight treasury secretary jack lew rang an alarm bell. the u.s. will hit the debt ceiling earlier than we thought in mid-october and it's not just the debt ceiling crisis. there's more. a government shutdown is looming and spending, well, that's still out of control. oh, and on top of that obama care is weeks away, it is the perfect storm, but who is steering the ship? anyone? former congressman alan west joins us, good evening. >> how are you doing, greta? >> big overall question, do you think washington is listening to the american people? >> no, i don't think so. i think that washington, d.c. is very comfortable. somewhat insulated when you cross the potomac river you come into a different world. when you look at the fact there is no big problem with unemployment in washington, d.c. no big problem with the real estate market. there's no big problem with salaries in washington, d.c. business is good in washington, d.c. it's bad outside of the beltway. so you're right. here we are coming up on $17 trillion of debt and so we're going to hit the debt limit
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again. have to figure out how to fund the government. another short-term measurement because they didn't get the appropriations bill done and worry about the obama care exchanges kicking in the 1st of october. and it's -- the american people are starting to say who is up there running the show? who is on the bridge trying to steer this ship because they're very concerned that it's running up on the rocks. and, again, we're just bankrupting the future for our children and our grandchildren and not just that. think about the monetary policy. you know, if the federal reserve stops what they're doing, then all of a sudden the dow jones reacts negatively and so do we have an artificial economy even? are we in the right place as far as unemployment? i don't think so. all of these policies, economic policies, tax policy, regulatory policy, spending policies, we're just heading in the wrong direction. >> and there's also sort of the overlay of drama. i mean, this is the letter today that was sent from the secretary
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of treasury to speaker boehner and he sent it to a number of other people including honorable nancy pelosi, harry reid, dave camp, other, republican, democrats, doesn't send it to the president, by the way. but he says at the end, under any circumstance in light of its schedule, meaning the congress' schedule, the inherent variability of cash flow is a dire consequence of miscalculation, congress must act before the middle of october. i thought in light of its schedule, i thought to myself, we have the crummiest yesterday. >> you have air conditions and ice. >> since 1950 in the capital. >> so they don't need to leave. if you look at a letter like that from secretary lew, this is the fearmonger. same with the sequester. if we have sequester going
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through planes, the traffic controllers are going to stop working. no one is solving the problems for the united states. >> you talk about the fear thing. the reason why they are -- sequester, the reason we have sequester is back in august of 2011 we were approaching the debt ceiling and cut a deal that there would be spending cuts by a super committee at the end of november because they hadn't done their job. they had not done a budget. >> and the super committee didn't do its job and then from december or january, february, nobody bothered to do anything. waited for the sequester cuts to go into effect. now they're all blaming sequester but they're the reason for the sequester in the beginning. >> you're absolutely right and if you look at what happened with federal government spending, it's a minuscule deduction or lessening of federal government spending from about 3.45 trillion to 3.44 trillion. so it's not a lot that we have seen. and really when you understand the baseline budget system that they use over here on capitol hill, you're talking about a cut
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often of -- >> of an increase. it's not a real cut. the washington cut. >> absolutely. so, you know, many people say we need to go to a zero base budget. you know, i think that, you know, we need to start looking at why can't we go back to a spending level, i don't know, 2006, 2007 so that we can start getting things under control and furthermore, we're not really seeing a slowdown of the growth of the federal government. i mean you still have a huge bureaucracy with federal government employees and we'll talk about the v.a. later on. >> but do you get the sense of what the american people, i wonder if -- it's hard to speak for them whether they're frustrated. i think washington is listening to them or not. how long they think it slides if they think it's inevitable. at some point they'd get -- bound to hit a wall sooner or later. >> you're going to hit a wall but the thing is that everyone would be told cut this but don't have an effect on me and eventually we'll have to look and say, we're going to have to do something seriously about a
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mandatory spending program, social security, medicare, medicaid, you're talking about ex-panding the affordable care act. that was supposed to be 940 billion. now it's close to 1.78 trillion over the next 10 years so with all those things coming to a head, furthermore, like i said, if the federal reserve stops the policies they have, monetary policy, then you're going to really see the effects on our economy and you know our unemployment isn't where it should be, our small businesses aren't growing, becoming a part-time nation so it's tough. >> congressman, just stay with us. we have to talk about other things with you and ask about a new report despite staggering backlogs and processing veterans disability compensation request, the veterans affair department are giving their workers a big bonus. first for the latest, the national review's andrew johnson joins us. good evening. >> thanks for having me. happy to be here and hi to the congressman, as well. >> good to have you. tell me, what's this report? who is getting bonuses at the
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v.a. and why? >> basically what happened is we have the veterans affair department, they were trying to address what you discussed, the backlog problem but the problem is in their attempt to fix that they created a system that actually encouraging employees to only add more to the backlog issue we have right now. >> in terms of why, the more they processed the more likely they get bonuses so process the simple ones and not the complex ones with probably the more catastrophic injuries. >> exactly so what they have, they're awarded on a points system, the more they process, they qualify for bonuses and qualify for job security so naturally that will incentivize and encourage a worker to go through the easier ones and ring up that total quickly. but what goes by the wayside is actually the more complicated -- the more complicated claims or complex ones and the losers in that situation are perhaps the veterans that maybe had a more complicated situation. >> how bad is this backlog? >> well, it's pretty bad.
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i mean you have all kinds of horror stories and issues where, for example, 14,000 different veterans are waiting on appeals, claims for more than two years. we have all types of horror stories like that. >> you know, talk about the appeals. i read that three out of the four of the appeals claims turned out to be wrong or based on incomplete information once they got there and yet people get bonuses based on the process of those claims. >> yeah, this seems to be a situation where it's just quantity over quality because like you said you have the three-quarters that are done either incorrectly or with incomplete information and part of that problem is also that they're used to -- the veterans affairs department used to provide points for supplemental development, that included a follow-up phone call, a follow-up letter requests maybe mourdockments they might need but have a situation where they're not even putting that by the wayside. >> when president obama was in orlando earlier this month, he talked about the fact he was saying that he said that he's
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going -- the backlog is getting better. you know, we're getting ahead of the game. is he just wrong on that? >> it would seem like it. i mean, they had a goal thaty october 1st they wanted to address all the claims and backlog over a year old and get the complete one by october 2015. if they just keep adding on more and more as they process the easier claims instead of the more complicated ones by the wayside hard to see how they'll reach that point. >> andrew, thank you. >> thank you, greta. now back to former congressman allen west, served in our military for a long time. let me think about this. >> well, it's absolutely horrible and reminds me of the old punishment the drill sergeants would do. a pile of sand and they stake this pile of sand and put it over there. you still have it. it's just in a different stack. what they're rewarding people, we're being more efficient but not effective. if you have a more complex claim, your complex claim is still being pushed off to the side with others and trying to
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take care of these simpler claims and really in the long run, nothing is pushing through. you talked about the failures and the mistakes that happened because they really are trying to rush this because now becomes a quota thing. if i get 25 completed in x amount of period of time then i'm in line for a promotion and bonus, what have you. this is what i say, instead of $67 million i believe that we're spending to advertise for the affordable care act why don't we use some of that money to hire enough people to process these claims and let's look at moving away from this paper trail to an electronic system. >> i was in alaska about ten days ago, with reverend franklin graham and to help the patriots severely wounded and their spouses and you see the sacrifice that these families, not just the injured soldier but it affects the entire family, the sacrifice the families have made and yet the fact that we aren't like completely consumed
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with pro he is, processing their claim quickly, swiftly and compensating them. it's just -- how do we sleep at night? >> well, some people sleep very well because they're not considering those young men and women who have given limbs or are giving parts of their bodies in stressful situations and combat situations. i was very fortunate. i spent 22 years, i got zero disability. during my retirement the doctors said i took too good care of myself. the thing here in washington, d.c., when the wounded warrior cafe walter reed army medical center is closed on the weekend yet given $5.5 million in bonuses for people shifting paperwork from different stacks to another stack, that's reprehensible. these are people make sure we can live in the greatest nation in the world and should be doing everything possible and i think that comes back to the frustration that the american people are continuing to see. we are not solving anything. we're just taking one pile of sand and moving it to another location. >> what president obama said
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when he was in orlando, first of all, he pledged speedier service for veterans who have been -- >> the service is speedier. >> yes, but that's the problem. they do the simple ones and not the more complex ones and drag out -- yes, also highlighted the progress in reducing the huge number of outstanding veterans disability claims and claims it decreased from 20% from a high of 611,000 claims in the end of march. i don't know if that's because they're focusing on the easy one or not. >> absolutely has to be but if you're that person that is still waiting close to two years, you aren't seeing anything different. >> if you told me there were 10,000 claims that were on backlog, i'd be scandalized. this is 611,000. >> yeah. >> i mean, those numbers are staggering. >> and, you know, hats off to representative jeff miller who is the head of the house committee on veterans affairs. he's doing everything he can to get this resolved but you need to have people on the administration side that's working with him, as well. >> my hat goes off to the private organizations trying to
10:14 pm
pick up the slack that the government is not like samaritan's purse. it's -- we ask so much of our military families and the least we can do is when people come back broken that we could at least try to do our best and not put them at the end of some long line. >> when i first came in, we were promised if you served a full career in the united states military, you'd be taken care of as far as your health benefits and your family, as well. so we're surely breaking that promise. >> these aren't little injuries. with the ieds and amazing things the medics do on the battlefield they're sending people home that wouldn't necessarily have been sent home. >> years ago, people would have been dying on the battlefield. congressman, thanks, sir. now for tonight's hot button issue on go and vote in our poll. straight ahead, extremely strong language from john kerry. he says serious use of chemical weapons is undeniable and describes it as a moral
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obscenity. this is him. ambassador john bolton is here on that. and donald trump getting sued for $40 million. you know him, he's not taking this one lying down. what he says is really behind the suit. donald trump will tell you. plus, we can't stop talking about it. no one else either. miley cyrus' jaw-dropping performance. did she go too far, way too far? that's coming up. ♪ so come on a good girl yes you are ♪ when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven.
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whether the syrian government used chemical weapons against innocent civilians or not. but the obama administration does need more proof. john kerry calling it undeniable and a moral obscenity. >> what we saw in syria last week should shock the conscience of the world. it defies any code of morality, let me be clear, the indiscriminate national slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. by any standard it is inexcusable and despite the excuses that some have manufactured, it is undeniable. >> one year ago president obama warned them that it would cross a red line so now what? former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. what do we do now? >> i think what president obama
10:20 pm
is going to do is launch some sort of military strike against syria, because now the second time his red line has been undeniably crossed, i think he has a real credibility problem in his own mind if he doesn't do something. that doesn't mean he has the slightest idea what the strategic effect of the use of military force is going to be. i think that red line quotation one year ago, a few months before the 2012 election was one of those rhetorical flourishes the president likes. he never thinks through the implications. we'll have military action. almost unavoidable. we have no idea what its impact will be inside syria. >> what about the impact outside of syria? we have russia. russia is chummy with syria and this isn't going to help things there. >> i don't think being concerned with how offended or not russia or iran or others might be, i think this still has to be a calculation of what is in america's national interest.
10:21 pm
now, i think those chemical weapons are dangerous. if the president's going to use any military force, what he ought to do is try and try the to troy the chemical weapons. of course, every day that he waits, every day that he dithers, every day they looks for some amorphous gives them a chance to hide them. >> how easy is it to move them. >> i think it's easy and would store them in basements of apartment buildings in damascus and put them in heavily populated areas and take my command and control and disperse them. that's why the president's inability to articulate exactly what his objective is is so telling. kerry talks about it being a moral obscenity. he didn't say it was illegal which would be their first preference because syria didn't sign the chemical weapons convention.
10:22 pm
he won't get united nations approval which is the obama administration's second choice because russia and china will veto so now we're down to an appeal to morality. 100,000 people have been killed in syria. also's say 2,000 were killed by chemical weapons. what is it that makes it 50 times more immoral to use chemical weapons that's finally got the obama administration to move? >> let me look -- time line, pulled up. may 19, 2011, president obama said the syrian government started shooting its own demonstration and have inspectors have access to the city and u.n. inspectors then july, may 19th, he said, we stepped up our sanctions on syrian regime. that's 2011. july 2011, we keep the pressure up to see if we can bring real change in syria. that didn't happen. january 24, 2012, state of the union speech he says i have no doubt they will discover the force of change can't be reversed and human dignity can't be defied. february 26th he said once again that the noose is tightening around assad.
10:23 pm
nothing happened. march 4th, 2012. he said the assad regime is crumbling. march 6th, 2012 he said it's not a question of when assad leaves or if he leave, it's a question of losing his legitimacy so i mean he's been saying this for two years and some change. >> sure, this is -- for the president foreign policy is all about rhetoric. that's all that he understands about it. like a legislator or politician he gives a speech and moves on to something else. now he has to ask what are the implications when i use military force? and i would assert the hypothesis that even if he uses military force, even if he uses a lot of military force we could still end up worse off from america's point of view than if he had done nothing at all. >> if we have strikes now, if that's what's going to happen, tell me the best thing that could happen and tell me the worst thing that could happen? >> the best thing i think that
10:24 pm
could happen would be he destroys the chemical weapons stockpiles and assad has no possibility of using them again. but the real question is, are you going to take action that affects the balance of power inside syria. are you going to sufficiently go after assad for this moral obscenity that is really tips the balance in favor of the rebels. juan way to do it is a decapitation strike. this is a moral obscenity. go after the person who perpetrated it. i don't think he's going to do it. >> the worst thing? >> the worst thing, a few feckless cruise missile launches that really don't have much impact on the ground and that perpetuates the war. i think that is the most likely outcome. it would take a character trance -- transplant for obama to move effectively. >> did you say something about assad? >> if you think this is a moral obscenity, shouldn't you go after the person -- >> what do you mean going after. >> killing. that's what you do in war. >> i was trying to figure out
10:25 pm
exactly what you were saying. i didn't want a gray area. >> here's the problem, to paraphrase donald rumsfeld, you go to war with the president you have and i don't think this president understands enough about the implications of what he's about to do or even that he can define what his objective is that it doesn't put us more at rick of using military force and actually undermining our long-term interest with iran in particular. >> ambassador, thanks, sir. always nice to see you. >> thank you. straight ahead more trouble tonight for the irs. new allegations. is the irs now targeting american veterans? but first no more innocent hannah montana, miley cyrus at the video music awards with a jaw-dropping performance. did the former disney star cross the line? that's next. the line? that's next. i how mu protein
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10:30 pm
legion that is suspicious. suspicious that it has been targeted. "the weekly standard's" john mccormack joins us. >> nice to be here. >> what's the american legion say is going on with them? >> reported about a week ago that there's a new rule or regulation that's become apparent recently that the legion post will have to have detailed records of their members, dates of service and if they don't have those records in place they could be fined a thousand dollars a day. >> why is this rule? how new is it? >> it's not entirely clear. the irs hasn't commented on it at all. problems obviously but it does appear to be a new rule, the american legion has raised concerns it could be burdensome and the real problem here is the timing after what they did to the conservative groups targeting them it doesn't look good certainly and it's raising concerns on capitol hill, senator moran from kansas said he wants to look into it and make sure it was inappropriate and moreover solving a problem that doesn't exist. where are these american legion posts faking their membership in
10:31 pm
order to get a tax break for, you know, friday night fish fry or a bingo night. doesn't make a lot of sense why they're meddling in this if they have bigger problems to solve. >> any comparable -- more on the other end of the political spectrum for the american legion if it's in any part of the political spectrum to see if it's a target? the irs does routine audits. this isn't an audit but a rule. any measure to see if they're being singled out. >> i don't know if they could do many. it's in the preliminary stages but it doesn't look good. what we've learned from the last few months is that once the irs targeted one group, every group that has a rule change is going to raise a lot of red flags. this is politically biased. will you do it again? we don't know but people are looking into it. >> what's the big deal about their membership anyway? having to know about their membership? >> there are regulations for the legion post to have their tax
10:32 pm
deduct, a certain percentage has to be military veterans their families so if you don't have that, it's pretty high, then you don't qualify for tax exception. >> but basically the american legion is getting all those who didn't serve? >> who on earth -- what legion post -- i haven't heard of that being a problem anywhere in the country. >> you and i both -- i can't imagine if you didn't serve, like if you didn't serve in the vietnam war and go into the vfw, you wouldn't be too welcome. >> they know each other. they don't need to have detailed records and i'm sure a lot of these tiny towns and legion posts. >> they know everybody. they know who served. he know -- they know if somebody is a phony. >> the federal government coming in with a new regulation at a time when they just got done admitting to targeting conservative groups does not look good at all. we'll learn more as investigations go forward. hopefully, but it's not clear
10:33 pm
why. >> according to the american legion website they have 14,000 posts around the country so the irs is going to be pretty busy sorting through those. john, thank you. everyone is talking about it. 20-year-old miley cyrus' performance at the video music awards. ♪ these blurred lines >> yes, i am. ♪ i know you want it i know you want it baby so come on ♪ ♪ you're a good girl yes you are ♪ ♪ what i'm trying to say." >> she started out dancing with giant teddy bears and tripped down to a flesh colored bikini for a raunchy duet with robin thicke. will smith and his family and music fans were setting twitter on fire. dana is here with us. nice to see you. >> thanks, greta, for having me back. >> and let me -- >> wow. >> let me guess, you loved it,
10:34 pm
right? >> you know, yeah, i guess if you like a nightmare that involves teddy ruxpin and vera de milo's character from the 1990s, if you throw all those things together, it was wonderful. i've never seen anything like that. greta, there's two things that miley needs. everyone in america can agree on, jesus and squats. >> i guess i didn't follow her career very much. i just thought, well, this looks like hollywood. this is the kind of junk we're seeing. if you have a history with her and watched her grow up, you're more scandalized than the rest of us, you know, this is never going to clean up at this point. >> well, yeah, and the thing with this, greta, is i don't -- you don't have to be shocking for the sake of shock in order to be artistic. it seems a lot of entertainment thinks vulgarity is somehow a substitute for skill or talent
10:35 pm
and it's not. during the same evening we saw amazing performances from bruno mars and justin timberlake. that's what it's about. that's being a good performer. they don't need to walk around in nude latex two-pieces and twerk with robin thicke to do that. >> i guess the thing that worries me. here i have this segment, i put this video up. i bring you on to talk about it and we're all talking about it but it's like in some ways we're giving it more attention so that if you happen to miss it last night you're going to see it tonight and if you happen not to talk about it at work today or wherever you are, you're going tomorrow. we're not putting the other ones up. >> well, i mean and that's just it. it gives her the buzz that she needs. but, unfortunately, it's just -- i don't find that interesting and i don't know. there were a lot of people in the audience as well that apparently didn't find it as interesting and vain for the people choreographing this number that they wanted.
10:36 pm
it didn't pass -- didn't mash up to the other acts presented. she wasn't a good performer with this. how long -- how often have we seen something like this. it's thought a substitute for skill. >> it's pretty ugly but curious. does this help her career? is that where we've come to? ultimately i actually sort of -- in a sick, twisted way, does it help it? >> i think perhaps in a way, maybe it does because it puts her name up there. all publicity is good publicity. these getting a ton of it today and certainly getting more tomorrow but in the long run though it seems like it's a flash in the pan. you have to have some substance to back this up. anybody can do shock and shock is really boring and tiring after a while and you have to follow it up with something a little bit more substantive and she doesn't have it. she doesn't have a great singing voice. she's a pretty girl but that's kind of where we are with this. >> people will remember it. they'll remember it. >> and i'm sure a lot of people
10:37 pm
watched it with, you know, young family members last night probably aren't too happy about what they saw. all right. dana, you know, but, frankly -- >> if you don't turn it on last night you'll get it someplace else. you'll get it at the movie theater or someplace else. anyway -- i guess that's where we are. regrettable. dana, thank you. > thanks, greta. tonight just released 911 call that you have to hear, a clever and smart 12-year-old calling for help as burglars are break nothing this texas home. deion murdock hiding into the closet while talking to a 911 operator. >> i'm going to have to whisper now because i think they're coming in. >> you have any weapons inside the closet? >> no, ma'am, please hurry. >> they are, they are, they're turning on your street. >> they're in there. >> they're inside the bedroom where he's at. you there? deion? >> yes. >> okay, stay there. the officers -- i think they're going to catch the guy, okay.
10:38 pm
>> it sounds like there are multiple people. >> be quiet. >> is the police officer outside the house? >> yes, but stay inside the closet. because they're trying to find the bad guys, okay? you're doing good. you're doing real good. you're doing perfect. your mom is going to be so proud of you. >> the burglars running from the house into the nearby woods, police arresting them there and deion's mother saying she is proud of her son. as she should be. and coming up, the obama administration offering up a special deal on obama care, but not offering it to you. you're not going to like this one, in two minutes colin powell is getting into the george zimmerman verdict. what did the former secretary say? you'll hear for yourself then you tell us what you think about it. that's two minutes away. runni? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh!
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he said it raises questions about the legal system in florida. i think that it will be seen as a questionable judgment on the part of the judicial system down there. but i don't know if it'll have staying power. these cases come along and they blaze across the midnight sky and then after a period of time they're forgotten. >> now the sizzling question is should former secretary of state colin powell question the jury's work when he was never in the florida courtroom or should he stay out of it? go to we're back in two minutes. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald
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you're not going to like this. members of c you're not going to like this. members of congress asking president obama for special
10:44 pm
subsidies to then and their staffs pay their premiums and the president agreed. now you the taxpayers are on the hook? does that sound fair? ron desantos joins us. do you think it's fair that members of congress and their staffs get a subsidy from the federal government for their health care premiums and if not what are you going to do about it? >> i don't think it's fair at all. the tax of obama care puts members of congress and our staffs in the same position as millions of americans who are going to see their employer based health care upended due to the structure of obama care so members of congress and staff members, they're eligible for the same subsidies that everybody else is eligible for but a lot of people in congress weren't happy with that and so they basically engineered this back room deal which was
10:45 pm
announced, mind you, right as we were leaving for august recess that will grant members of congress and staff special subsidies that are not available to anyone else throughout the country and i think that that's wrong. we can't treat ourselves as a separate governing class. we're supposed to be serving the american people so i'll file legislation when we get back to basically stop that. i don't think it's lawful in the first place because the obama care provision at issue is pretty clear that we're supposed to be in the exchanges like everybody else. and so in this case i think there was some funny business that the bureaucracy is trying to pull. >> well, i don't get how anyone thinks, you know, that it's okay to sort of pull off that one. here's the whole idea of this obama care was everyone gets in the pot so the lower the price, presumably the healthy people don't draw from medical care as the sick people do, of course, and the very people who pushed it, the democrats on capitol hill and the president who signed it now give a special deal back to capitol hill
10:46 pm
because they don't like the price because they worry it will be some brain drain if they pay the same price as others do they'll get the same eligibility or subsidy that somehow everybody on capitol hill will quit his job on the staffs and they're -- there will be this big brain drain. i don't know where they'll go. there's no jobs in this country if they wanted to leave. i don't know how they think they can pull this one off. >> i don't either but what they did -- notice what they did. what they needed to do if they really wanted to create the special subsidy was pass a law. they knew they wouldn't be able to get away with it so had the bureaucracy issue this administrative rule. guess what that means, members of congress aren't going to have to go on record to say whether they support this or not so one of the reasons i'm filing this bill is because i think that the american people should know whether their member of congress believes they should get a subsidy that the rest of the country is not eligible for. >> in my wildest dreams i can't imagine anyone -- i can't imagine members of congress would vote against a bill like that which requires them to be treated the same way as everybody else under the very
10:47 pm
bill that they themselves passed and i realize that the democrats passed it, the republicans did not but i mean -- and the president signed it. i don't know how they can possibly exempt themselves or get that subsidy. we'll see what happens. congressman, thank you and good luck on your bill. >> thank you. straight ahead, donald trump says he's being targeted. it's not the irs. who does trump say is targeting him? onald trump onald trump says he's being targeted. any last requests mr. baldwin? do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of. this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too. you bet. now if you like that, press the red button on top. ♪ how did he not see that coming?
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>> greta: okay everyone it's time to hash it out. it is the one place we did not expect to see wikileaks founder julian assange. a rap video. now this is business arrested. >> this came even better thain hoped. are you feeling it? >> now you're ready to go. what message do you want to say to the public? ♪ >> the video parodies australia's upcoming election.
10:52 pm
when you thought it couldn't get any worse for detroit, there is this. big cat has northeast detroit neighborhood on edge. this is not your typical stray cat. residents spotting the large feline roaming the streets. michigan humane society searching. here's something you won't see in the u.s. the time of london tweeting switzerland's first drive-in sex boxes will open in an effort to sweep prostitution off the streets. yes, you heard right. sex boxes. experimenting with a garage-style facility. officials hope they make legal prostitution safer and less of a public nuisance. speaking of cheap tricks massachusetts senator tweeting i am a blessed man i got to play surrender with cheap trick tonight. wow, check out his performance with the band.
10:53 pm
we think senator brown should team up with another politician, maryland governor martin o'malley. and this typo will make you cringe. larry sanders got a tattoo but forgot one grammar rule. i before e except after c. he posted a picture and commenters were quick to point out the error. now this is your time to hash it out with us. also don't forget to follow me on twitter at gretawire. coming up, donald trump being sued for $40 million. what and who does donald trump say is really behind the lawsuit? coming up next. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard
10:54 pm
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♪ it was the best day ♪ ♪ it was the best day yeah! ♪ it was the best day ♪ecause of yo [sigh] [echoing] we make a great pair. huh? progressive and the great outdoors -- we make a great pair. right, totally, uh... that's what i was thinking. covering the things that make the outdoors great. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> greta: donald trump defending his trump university blasting donald truch is fighting back.
10:58 pm
eric schneiderman signed a lawsuit against truch. the suit accusing them of fraud, alleging the ooufrt promised to make students rich but sold expensive classes instead. trump arguing the school has a 98% approval rating and the lawsuit is politically motivated. >> we have a wonderful school that did a terrific job. you have an attorney general who is a light weight not respected by anyone. he's got a approval rating of 4%. >> i understand you did make a contribution to him in 2010 we have here for $12,500. so where is the blood bin laden coming from? >> he was unhappy he wanted me to do more than that, wanted me to introduce him to my friends, my big business friends. i didn't have time for it. he'd come up to my office just in fact i gave him a contribution before he was elected i think he was down in the polls but never enough for him. he would come up to my office unbeknownst. he'd just come up. i'd sit with him, he'd tell me
10:59 pm
about obama, which by the way were not good i'll tell but that another day. he would talk about governor cuomo in a very harsh tone. this is not a good guy. this is a political hack. everybody knows it. he's going after me for publicity. he'll get publicity but let's see how it works out. i think the case is fantastic. i could have settled this case very, very easily. i chose not to. i'm not a very paranoid person when this light weight attorney general who is not respected by anyone, when he meets with the president then files a suit 24 hours later, i think yes, i think i've been targeted and i think it's a big problem and people ought to look into it. >> trump even calling the lawsuit a mini irs scandal. in a statement attorney general saying prosecutors are used to people making accusations when they're caught. donald obviously disagrees with that.
11:00 pm
thanks for being with us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. make sure you go to gretawire doc. they're open threads we want to see you there, good night. hello, everyone, bob, i'm greg, along with kimberly, bob, eric and katie. it's 5:00 in new york city, but who's counting. in the a.p.'s article called ten things you need to know today, they got most of the topics right. syria, ft. hood, and also, miley cyrus's performance at the vma's, the mess made you wince, not just for her family, but the world. her convulsive tongue wagging, her trite look how naughty i can be antics.

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